My son was throwing around 60 in the fall. He took a winter break and had his first pitching lesson yesterday and the fastest he threw was 53. Should I be worried? The instructor said no in a few months he will start to pick up his speed again. My sons arm was a little sore. He has been playing basketball. He is 11 years old and weighs about 115 and is 5’0 inches tall. Thanks

Was he timed with the same gun both times?

No-a coach was clocking him in the fall with a radar gun that hooks on the glove. For Christmas he got a radar gun and I was clocking him at his lesson. It was the first time using the radar gun not sure if I was using it correctly.

Im not an expert, but i would imagine that there could be a difference in the speeds different guns record.

Could be the gun, but after taking a break, I would expect velocity to go down. His arm is not in the shape it was and is not as strong. He could also have gotten rusty on some of his mechanics from the break.

Soreness should be expected as well after a break. I wouldn’t worry about either issue. Give him some time to get back in throwing shape and his velo will go up again.