I have a question about arm action. I play at a D1 college and the video below is very old(3-4 years ago) but I still have the same basic arm action. One thing that my coach has brought up to me is how my arm goes back towards the first base side instead of coming straight back. I would just like some other opinions on if the arm action in the video is healthy or unhealthy, and if unhealthy ways I could go about fixing it. Don’t mind the floppy glove action I am well aware of the flying open problem it creates.


I don’t see a problem. Note that you counter rotate your shoulders so relative to your shoulder position, your arm position isn’t that significant.

There is one thing I note, you drop your glove when throwing. Not a big thing, more like a tiny thing that brings a safety issue upon comebackers. You could also use your front leg a tiny bit more. What I mean is that it goes stiff after release, work on it going stiff a fraction earlier. When you release the ball the front leg should be stiff, right at that point, not almost stiff, and not nearly stiff. The snap comes through release and not before or after. The towel drill exercise where you land on the front leg, then stiffen your front leg as you snap the towel will work on that issue. You use the front leg at 90-95% effectiveness, which is better than most.

Don’t worry about your arm action. From what I could see, you’re throwing somewhere between 3/4 and sidearm, and that’s all right.

Could this contribute to shoulder injury in the long run?

Not if you use your whole body—drive off the lower half, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, so that your arm and shoulder will seem to be just going along for the ride. This takes a lot of pressure off said arm and shoulder, and you’ll find yourself throwing harder (and faster) with less effort. As I indicated earlier, you seem to be throwing from an arm slot somewhere between 3/4 and sidearm, and that’s perfectly all right. One thing you need to do is make sure that your glove doesn’t flop down by your side; you should push ahead with it, let it lead the way, and this will happen automatically when you get your whole body into the action. And be sure to follow through—finish your pitches. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

Glen Bernie huh. Bet you love playing in Joe Cannon Stadium!

Haha have you been here? Joe cannon is real nice I just hate that the mound is dirt instead of clay, but its a great atmosphere especially during night games

Yea, I’ve played in the Cal Ripken league for Youses orioles and Big Train

The two best teams in the league… Dean gets some of the best prospects on the east coast and hes a first class guy I played for the high school fall showcase team he runs. Are you playing in the Ripken league again this year?

Nope, senior in college. Trying to keep playin ball though.