Question to batters


Names Nick, 14 years old from Mississauga Ont.

Just got into pitching about a month ago… throwing 66-68 MPH fastballs…

Soon to tryout for a team… Dad wants me to pick 3 pitches and work on those.

Which do you guys think those 3 should be?

Sweeping curve - Thrown directly at a right handed batter dives down and away into the strike zone. 8/10 Over the plate

Forkball - drops about 0.5 - 1 foot. 9/10 Over the plate

Circle Change - sinks down and in to a right handed batter. 6/10 over the plate

Palmball - more of a changeup but with late, slight sinking movement. Horrible control. 2/10 over the plate LOL

2 Seam Fastball - No movement, but more accurate then 4 seam fastball. 10/10 over the plate

Thanks in advance.

U’ve answered ur own question. Use wats most effective.
id go with:
1) 2 seam
2) CB
3) FB

a 2 seam should have movement. 4 seam is the fastest straitest and easiest to control.

Do what you like best. Work on your fastball get the control and speed up there then try out a change-up. It’s original fastball and change-up but with good control and speed difference it’s one of the most effective combinations in pitching.

You need a fastball, change and breaking ball. Typically the palmball and forkball are more breaking pitches than changeups since they tend to tumble and have a different spin from a fastball. Pick between the curve, palmball and forkball for your breaking ball. You also need to throw the fastball and the circle change. At your age I’d recommend focusing on the fastball and change and only throwing a few breaking balls. This might not be the most effective approach right now but it will payoff in the long run.

everyone on here is always GET YOUR CHANGE-UP!!! which isn’t wrong but sometimes there is people that can make it with other stuffs. i’d say go fastball forkball and mix it with a change-up. your forkball is obviously your most effective pitch right now and it could be even more devastating when youll have understand it completly

Sorry, correction…

With the Circle Change I turn it over which causes it to cut in on a right handed batter… no sinking action yet.

I’m going to work on the straight change tonight.

4pies right. But, if your a new pitcher and haven’t developed many pitches if you’d like to learn one a change would be a great one but if you have another pitch that you’ve already worked on it’s better to advance that then start over with a new one if that pitch is thown effectivly. Also, it’s pointless to learn a hard pitch that takes a long time to master than to learn one that’s easy and very effective in the high school level.