Question Regarding Future


Depends on a lot of things? Have you been lifting the last 2/3 years at all? If yes who knows if you have much more than 5mph left in the tank. If you have not been lifting or working out with those numbers the sky is the limit. Being a junior if you get started now you could add 5mph by summer which is pretty decent for a lefty hitting mid to upper 80s.
But either way that would put you low d1/d2/3.
Depends on your command. But even if you have been lifting or not. Jc is a good choice as well. You could lift for 2 years and see what your at. If your high 80s or low 90s offers would come to transfer. Also of guys in your position end up going and party too much instead of taking it seriously. If that’s the case your be leaving looking for a regular job or transfer to a 4 year without playing baseball.
You have to buy in, study and workout like it’s a job to play at a higher level.
You have a base, your a lefty you could go as far as your will takes you.
Good luck, you have one shot. I’d start tonight and work my ass off and give it a go. Get on a schedule for the next 2 years. But you have to commit and be all in. It’s a lot of work and the reason most guys in your position don’t do it.
But it’s also been done many of times. If you love it and it doesn’t work out by committing for a few years you will know. But at least its better than wondering what if and not giving it a shot…

Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, I hadn’t really begun lifting until this school year. I’d lifted in the past but I’ve never enjoyed it as much as I do now. Thanks for your feedback.

Well then, that’s kinda good news. Not good that you really have not worked out the last couple years. As if you did you would prob be in the upper 80s. But you can get at it now.
I would do daily jaeger bands, weights, get a trainer if you can afford it. Do long toss a few times a week. You weigh a buck90, add a protein shake or 2 a day. That should up the calories as well by 500 a day. Which you should be around 2bills by summer sometime.
If that’s the case and your lifting you should be hitting mid 80s to upper. If not find a pitching coach or post your stuff on here if you don’t have one. Lots of guys could tell you what to work on. But like I said if you have the drive. 6’6” 190 in 5/6 months 6’6” 2bills plus…
If your command is decent your height and being a lefty alone should get some looks and possibly higher offers.
If you want it you have the height and being a southpaw. Your odds are way above the right handed guys… they are a dime a dozen…
Many, many righties can hit upper 80s
Not many lefties at all… run with it!