Question regarding best practice regiment for young pitcher

My son’s been throwing about 5-10 innings a week since March or April (whenever the weather started permitting). He played in 2 leagues, a spring and fall league. He’s pitched twice a week during league play (plus a little BP and practice) and about 3 or 4 times a week when the leagues weren’t going (usually 1 or 2 simulated innings or roughly 20-40 pitches a session).

Is it better in terms of injury prevention to throw less pitches more frequently or more pitches with more rest days in between? So far in terms of results this has been unbelievably good for him.


Ages 8-10
Pitches thrown Days’ rest
21-39 1
34-50 2
43-59 3
51-70 4

Ages 11-12
Pitches thrown Days’ rest
27-47 1
35-55 2
55-70 3
67-76 4

Ages 13-14
Pitches thrown Days’ rest
30-52 1
36-57 2
56-76 3
70-90 4

Ages 15-16
Pitches thrown Days’ rest
25-45 1
38-61 2
62-85 3
77-97 4

Ages 17-18
Pitches thrown Days’ rest
27-49 1
45-70 2
62-83 3
89-101 4
Source: Beacon Orthopedics

Type pitch Appropriate age
Fastball Any age
Changeup 10
Curveball 14
Knuckleball 15
Slider 16*
Forkball 16*
Screwball 16*

*Depends on the physical maturity of the 16-year-old. If still maturing, hold off. Even if the pitcher is physically mature, limit the combined use of these pitches to one per inning. is where I found this from. I hope it helps you, I follow it for my age. I am now 17. You may like to visit my page, it's Hope you enjoy, let me know if this is helpful or you need more info. Later :)

There are some other more qualified contributors that may give you some advice. Knowing his age might help. I’ve been my son’s pitching coach from age 9 to now 15 but I always took him to other professional and college coaches for instruction and clinics. I have followed USA Baseball and the American Sports Medicine Institute’s guidelines for in game pitches.

9-10 year old pitchers
50 pitches per game
75 pitches per week
1000 pitches per season
2000 pitches per year

11-12 year old pitchers
75 pitches per game
100 pitches per week
1000 pitches per season
3000 pitches per year

13-14 year old pitchers
75 pitches per game
125 pitches per week
1000 pitches per season
3000 pitches per year

My experience with my son is that fewer in game pitches means quicker recovery. I think you evaluate the general health of your son’s arm on a game by game basis and set pitch counts accordingly without exceeding the recommendations if possible. I have found that my son’s arm is more durable when he religiously follows an excercise program of isometrics, tubing and dumbells designed to strengthen the small muscles and ligaments that support the larger muscles during deceleration of the arm. Think in terms of pitches per inning; pitches per game; pitches per week and pitches per season.

Find a pitching instructor who can teach proper mechanics to lessen the stress on the shoulder and elbow. Reinforce it as often as possible.