Question on Pitching Mechanics

Hello everyone I’m a 18 year old RHP and I’ll be entering my first year of college.

I had a question on mechanics for pitching:

I’m sure most of you have heard of Jonathan Papelbon, the closer of the Phillies and was on the championship winning Red Sox team. If you watch his mechanics closely, you will notice that when he comes set in the stretch he starts his left foot a few inches in front (towards 3rd base) of his right foot. He then appears to step straight in his delivery thus maintaining those few inches to the right throwing across his body. But is he really throwing across his body? Because yes he is starting out like that but he is stepping straight. It’s not as drastic as Jered Weaver of the Angels.

I recently figured out that I was stepping a little open thus flying my front shoulder open and having my arm drag and end up pushing the ball. Obviously, it took away from my control and velocity. So, I started to do what Papelbon is doing and I have seen a big improvement in my control and my velocity is back. It has also allowed me to get my hips into the ball now as well.

I was just wondering if this could have any ill effects on my arm. Thanks.

Here’s a couple of links showing Papelbon’s mechanics:

I think Papelbon’s front foot at set is more for keeping his hips back to create more torque later on. He strides down the target line. I never really saw him as a pitcher who throws across his body. I think Lance Wheeler has a drill where the pitcher rotates his stride foot slightly toes-in to keep the hips closed longer.

It seems to me that Mr. Papelbon has altered his delivery and is now throwing sidearm, or close to it, perhaps experimenting with the crossfire. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if he’s pitching better now that he’s doing this. I’ll bet the Red Sox are sorry they let him go! :slight_smile: