Question on lifting

So i was just told by a coach that it is not good to bench if u play baseball. He said it could potentially hurt your rotator cuff. I dont know what to do. I wanna bench but with what he said i dont wanna risk injury.

It’s certainly not the best lift you can do, but if you bench properly (elbows tucked in, thoughts of spreading the bar), it’s not too bad. Close grip bench reduces stress on the pec minor/major if that’s what your coach is worried about.

ive never had the slightest hint of a problem benching once a week the way kyle describes. That being said, I don’t think it’s necessary to get ridiculously strong at benching as a baseball player. If you can put up 225 for a few good reps with clean technique (elbow tucked, shoulder blades back, etc.) you are PLENTY strong enough in this lift, and the focus should shift on the speed-strength continuum towards the speed end. More plyo pushups, medball chest passes, etc.

While the bench press is not the most “functional” upper body exercise, I think it is pretty decent for overloading the pressing musculature in a way that even dumbbells can’t. For me, adding 50lbs to my bench press immediately carried over to all of my pushup variations, dumbbell pressing, standing pressing variations, etc. Just remember that benching, should you decide to do it, should not be your only type of pressing exercise. For every heavy, nonfunctional lift you should really have some functional, more sport specific lifts. Alternating medball pushups are a great option. You may not build max strength or hypertrophy as in a bench press, but you are working explosive muscle contractions and you get shoulder stability, anterior and anti-rotation core work included, all of which are far more important for a baseball pitcher.

Usually when a coach says this, it just shows that they don’t know the proper way to teach the bench press. There are very few “dangerous strength training exercises”…just poor execution by undercoached athletes.

If you bench the correct way, there shouldn’t be a tremendous amount of shoulder rotation. Just be sure to balance it out with rear delt work and external rotators.

Also…keep in mind WHY you are training. What you are doing in the gym is to make you better ON THE DIAMOND. Once you reach a certain level of strength you will get less and less carry over to the field.