Question on Age and College Baseball


I never did play high-school ball. But, I trained at home, learned to throw near 90mph, learned a change-up, 2 seemer, curve ball, and worked on a cutter. Everytime I came into baseball -pre-season, I got a health issue that selved me. Last year, sinus surgery, this year I had a gallbladder out with complications. I expect I will be throwing again in 3-4 months. Still have complicated heatlh matters, all non-muscular.

How can I get into a local college team when I did not play in high-school, but I do know how to pitch. I would pitch outside daily everyday, even in the winter against the backstop I made. I would make charcole marks on the backstop and aim for certain points with good accuracy, with the fastball and change-ups.

My father would help me train from pitching, to fielding.

And my age, would it matter much for a community college? I won’t be able to play this year, but I plan on training again this summer. I will be 26 when I try out next year. Would this matter much? And how so I go by next year when I do try out since I didn’t do high-school ball.

Baseball has been a passion of mine for awhile, but life has been rough for me these past few years, and like to make it as a pitcher.

George Jr,

I promise if you can throw anywhere close to 90mph that you will get a look from JUCOs and D3 schools.

Here is the extreme of college pitchers, so I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t have a chance.

Thanks for the information. Its been a rough year health wise for me and that was very encouraging. Thanks again!

George Jr.

only D3? if 90mph is D3 then what would be good for D1?

only D3? if 90mph is D3 then what would be good for D1?[/quote]honestly you can tryout for just about anywhere, but I believe that there is a D1 eligibility issue once you get so old. I’m not 100% sure about this, but discussing it with an actual college coach would be beneficial.