Question for wind ups?


Madison bumgarner seems to have two wind ups one where he puts his knee up to his chest and then where he barely moves his leg? Anyone have a reason why he does this? is it because he can confuse the batter?


Could be to confuse the batter. Or could be to confuse/hold a baserunner.


Some pitchers will change their movements slightly, depending on the pitch that they are sending. The body seems to setup differently - ever so slightly, when say a curve, slider or off-speed is pitched. Now not every pitcher does this, at least not noticeably. Also, in latter innings, or with high pitch counts, fatigue starts to set in and the body can move in ways that shifts stress to other parts of the body. I’ve seen where the legs usually tip off fatigue - not big I might add, but they do. Release points are another sign of fatigue as are head movements.

Good question - shows observation skills.


I’ve seen a lot of guys starting to do this. Traditionally a pitcher has 2 different deliveries with a runner on base: a regular leg lift and the “slide step”, where the pitcher simply picks up the foot, touches knees, and heads toward the plate. I’ve seen several pitchers (Stroman, Wainwright, Cueto are all very good examples) recently who are starting to incorporate the idea idea of a different delivery into both wind ups and stretches.