Question for Steve.

I’m trying to gain weight while doing the tuff cuff workouts. So actually I have two questions.

  1. Since I’m trying to gain weight should I still do all the running? I’ve heard you shouldn’t run if you try to gain weight.

  2. Should I add some stuff during the off days? I workout T,T,S. Should I consider doing workouts on the days which their are no scheduled workouts?


You still need to sprint and develop your cardiovascular base even when you’re trying to gain weight. You need to increase your calories by about 500-1000 every day to gain between 1-2 pounds a week. Divide it over 5-7 smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to “gorging” yourself at 3 meals.

You certainly can add workouts on the 4 off-days, but remember this: muscles only grow during the recovery part of a workout, not the lifting part. So if you lift on too many consecutive days without a day of rest in between, you’ll never give your muscles a chance to repair and recover and grow. So be smart - but feel free to adjust your program to the days that work best for you.