Question For Steve?

I heard long toss does not improve velocity. Is that true? What did you use to do to throw harder?

I long tossed all the time, as did every teammate I ever had on every team I ever played for. It’s definitely beneficial, but as to whether it helped build velocity is debatable. I’ll tell you this: throwing is good. I wouldn’t focus so much on the distance or time at your age, just throw a little every day or every other day at the very least.

Thanks for the advice, Steve

the place i train stresses taking your arm for a “walk”. i agree. but what is really the best way to increase your long toss. is there anything to do when your not long tossing to increase velocity for overall throwing?

Steve—I remember how Ed Lopat and Johnny Sain used to say “Throw every day”. Even if it’s just playing catch for twenty minutes or so, you throw every day, and you can actually use the time to work on a new pitch or refine an existing one, or even work on your velocity if you’re so inclined. Throwing every day also keeps the arm loose. I used to do that. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Doesn’t surprise me that you did it, too, Zita. All the good pitchers I’ve ever known throw/threw a lot. More than most people think or are willing to actually do on their own. Don’t talk the talk, walk it. Or in our case as pitchers: throw it! :slight_smile: