Question for Steve

I have a question for steve. How did you make the majors and who did you play for?

I didn’t. Was drafted by the A’s and Cubs in different MLB drafts. Played in the Cubs organization. Closer.

What about you? Is pitching your main position?

Well I am only 14 but I have always loved to be s starter. I am 6’1 and 175lbs, and a lefty. I have always wanted to make the majors and my biggest concern is just making my high school freshman team. I just want to play not matter independent, AA, or MLB, I just want to play out of college for a real team.

You didnt make the MLB?

Nope, as he said he was drafted by two different clubs and played for the cubs organization as a closer until an arm injury shut him down. Correct steve?

Don’t fool yourself though, he was still a professional baseball player whether or not he played for the mlb team

So you didnt play for the MLB team cubs and A’s? You had an arm injury steve?

Dude, read his post.

He wrote he played in the cub organizatioin and he was a closer, so he didnt play in the MLB?

No. Read the post. Yes he had an arm injury