Question for Mr.Ellis and other ex-pro players

I have a few questions, alot of things that mlb players do that really isnt t talked alot or hard to come by on the internet.

Why do some hitters have their pinky hanging off the end of the bat, curled up underneath the knob? I seen this before and i am dumbsturck in why you would do such a thing.

Why are batters (especially some the the better ones like manny and bruan) naturally better hitters againest opposite handed pitchers ex: left vs. right. Does it have to do with the angle of view

What are the nitters saying to the umpire after a debatable strike. I know that its relating to the strike but most umpires would get mad if you said something like " you REALLY thought that was a strike."

those where kinda just off the top of my head. thanks

Just shooting from the hip here…

Power hitters often do this in order to maximize the distance a ball will travel given the same effort. The principle is known as the third class lever. You might understand the principle better by thinking about the force applied by swinging a hammer while holding it close to the head as compared to holding it near the end of the handle. You can impart more force by holding it near the end. Or perhaps if you fish with a fly rod you have experienced that it is easier to cast a fly a farther distance by holding the rod near the end of the handle rather than up near the reel.

I think you 've answered your own question in part. Also a hitter has more trouble with same armed pitchers…as in lefty/lefty match ups due to the advantage the pitcher gains in throwing a curveball that breaks away from the hitter rather than into the hitter. Tony La Russa of the St. Louis Cardinals is a master at exploiting the opponents weaknesses by creating matchups with this in mind.

Depends on the hitter…but it could be as little as …one word just kinda asking to confirm what he thought as in…“corner?”

Great answers Dino, you nailed it.

The finger off the bat makes the bat a longer lever. In essence you have a longer bat with the same weight.

The splits between hitters and opposite handed pitchers are mainly due to the breaking ball going away from the hitter. There is also something to be said for the angle of the pitch being released from same armed pitchers as being uncomfortable for the hitter.

Hitters communicate with umpires at the professional level very often. Hitters are usually trying to get a grasp on the boundaries of the strike zone.

Very well put. In addition, from a pitching standpoint, when you see a batter hold a bat like that, more often-than-not he/she has the bottom hand grasping the knob, or heel of the ball too. During the swing, these batters actually pull the bat with their leading arm and the leading arm’s hand that’s grasping the heel or knob of the bat, actually adds a degree of power to the swing and the “umph!” to the contact.

But, there is a price to pay with this style that you can use against these guys … ( yeah, ain’t I a spoil sport)

When a batter takes this hand posture, you can bet even money that in the right situation, he/she will commit to a swing that would otherwise be left alone.

Take for example a 0 - 2 count. If you really can nibble the outside corner just enough to bait the guy … he’ll start to recognize the pitch as a possible hit … then he’ll ratchet up his confidence as the ball gets within the range of …" oh this just looks too good!", … BUT IT AIN’T… then he starts to commit … but realizes … oh @#$!!. His hand posture has been pulling that bat along to such an extent that he’ll try to hold up but can’t.

Bingo! Ya got-em.

But, don’t go to the well too often and draw water out of that bucket.

Coach B.

More than likely the batter is saying …" I want a second opinion here!!"

Upon which the plate umpire is more than happy to give him…

“Ok, you want a second opinion??”

“Yeah, I do!”

“Ok, … you’re ugly too!” “You-errrrrr out a here!”

(Just a thought…) :glare: Coach B.

Breaking balls move in to you on a lefty-righty, righty-lefty matchup, thus making it an easier pitch to drive, and you don’t have to worry about chasing a slider away.