Question for Coach Ellis regarding the weighted ball program

Hey Coach,
My son usually pitches 1 or 2 innings on Saturday’s and Sunday’s in Fall ball now. He just turned 15 on Sept 18th and is a 10th grader. How often and what days would you recommend throwing with the weighted balls based on his weekend routine? Should he still long toss during the week as well? He lifts weights about 4 to 5 times a week. I don’t want to over work him but wanted to find a good routine for the fall so that he can be ready for the spring. He is 5’11", weighs 185 lbs and can get the fastball up to 85 mph.


The WB program is really more of an offseason throwing program. Because he is pitching in games, I dont recommend it for Fall ball. Long toss, however, is totally great and like all MLB pitchers between starts, I would continue with it. (We do in season on my varsity team too.) Sounds like you son has an excellent work ethic. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I’ll have him wait until the off season to start.

:roll: Are you crazy? The most he should be doing is either a split routine M-TUE, THU-FRI or maybe M-W-FRI. Tuesday and thursday agility, med balls, band. Got tuff cuff? If you dont, buy it man. :smiley: