Question About Youth Throwing Motion?

Not really a pitching question here. At what point do little kids start throwing (just regular fielding) without twisting the wrist? My 10 yo did it until he was 8 1/2 or so. I have a 6 yo who is advanced in all ways other than twisting his wrist when he throws. So the ball has a sideways spin. He does not throw elbow down/sidearm, it’s all in his wrist. Any pointers, expectations or drills?

I use black electrical tape around the center line of the ball, if the line is still their hand is behind it, a great easy visual aid.

Good idea. Thanks.

If you can get a team of kids that young throwing properly, you’ll be way ahead of the game :wink:

Is it in the wrist, or is it in the grip?

IMO, young kids can’t grip the ball right to throw straight backspin; their thumb is always on the side of the ball.

Practice with that visual aid and they’ll not even know they are throwing it with their hand behind the ball, grip and wrist. Once they put that llittle bit of concious effort into it, they usually understand what it takes. They’ll also get a bit o velo pop because the throwing motion will be most efficient. It’s a very exciting “discovery phase”…and a hoot.

This is a bit cryptic, can you clariify. Sorry. Thanks.