Question about what forearm does during acceleration phase

When I come to high cocked position, and my shoulders start to rotate, should my forearm be as loose as possible, or somewhat stiffen?

I watched a game where Carlos Zambrano pitched and when they showed slow motion of his delivery, it looked like his forearm (his lower arm) is “dead”… it looks really loose.


Generally, I’ve heard it stated that the arm should be “rag loose”. Tension has the potential to slow things down.

This is normal and is what happens to the arm of every pitcher who is throwing hard.

You don’t have to make it happen. If you’re throwing hard enough, it will.

You shouldn’t try to make it happen or prevent it from happening.

“Rag loose”? Whats a rag? I looked up in the dictionary…its the thing that you can use to clean the dishes? If so, then forearm should be as loose as possible, right? I tried it, and I feal that my forearm bounces back more then before. The next day my forearm (the part closer to upper hand) was sore.

Was there any noticeable difference in your velocity? What about your control?

That is probably to be expected if that’s not how you normally throw.

No noticeable difference in velocity, maybe some,cant say without radar gun. Control is about the same. I think I wont do it anymore, because I cant pronate as hard because I am trying to keep my forearm too loose.