Question About TuffCuff

I just received the Tuff Cuff program, and was wondering where to start? It’s my offseason currently, so do I just start on Week 1 of Phase 1? Thanks!

I would say it depends on where you are currently with your strength. Phase 1 is based on Hypertrophy (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it, if not I’m really sorry) so if you already have a good base, I would start with Phase 2. When in doubt, start from the beginning. There’s a phase 1 for a reason.

Thanks for the response. I believe Phase 1 is about Muscular endurance So say my season starts on February 1, would I do the entire Phase 1, or just a couple weeks?

When I did it I only did it for a couple weeks. Yeah, Phase 1 is muscular endurance and hypertrophy. I would do it for a couple weeks, or until you feel comfortable and then move forward. I feel like it’s there to provide a base of endurance for the rest of the program. There should be some time frames for the lifts included for each level of baseball.

Hypertrophy is the enlarging of cells. You get your muscles bigger, and it increases the potential for more strength. Of course, I’m no expert. Are you in high school or college?