Question about pushing and pulling away from the rubber

My whole life I’ve mainly pushed away from the mound with my backfoot. I recently heard that’s bad though… I heard your just supposed to pull away your back foot, not push it against the back rubber. So which are is the “correct way” to do it? (which way generates the most velocity or control?)

IMO, I think it’s better to have your foot be pulled away from the rubber. I think that you need to gather momentum sometime during the leg lift by having your hips start to move sideways towards the plate. If done probably you will have a nice long stride and be pulled away from the rubber.

If you stay back over the rubber (balance point) then you will need a significant push-off to build up momentum because you’ll be starting from a standstill and you’ll be getting a late start. If you start forward earlier and faster (which does take a slight sideways push-off early to initiate), there will be less need for a big push-off to build the same amount of momentum because you’ll be getting a “running start” and you’ll be starting earlier which means you have more time to get up to speed.