Question About my arm pain

Ive been having arm soreness all season, nothing that seems to major but id like some other opinions. While I am pitching i have very little soreness in my forearm, bicept area. The pain comes after my outing and days after. Everytime after I pitch my arm is sore for a couple of days but it goes away with rest. Ive had an MRI done and the doctor said nothing showed up. Any suggestions or comments?

Rest? Is your season over? Rest a week or so and then throw a bit.

Do you think that you throw too much during games?

I just finished an All Star Tournament and im probally not playing any other leagues because i am trying to get my arm healthy. Im gonna take a week or so of just icing and see how it feels after that.

How has your velocity and control been recently?
Where is your soreness the days after you throw?