Question about follow through

On the follow through should you focus on flexing your torso downward or should you focus more on throwing out in front and just kind of let the follow through happen? I heard a coach say once “with leverage at release point, a clean finish is inevitable.” Is that true? Should I just throw out front and let the follow through happen?

Get out in front and throw down (of course if you arm angle allows you to throw down) remember its still necessary to be balanced throughout. One drill that we performed for balance during follow through was a “Chair Drill” of sorts. The pitcher stands in the stretch position facing a chair with his back foot in line with the right side (if a righty) of the chair and his lead foot wherever the pitcher deems comfortable in his stance. Lift the leg to begin the motion (we were told to tap the front of the chair with our toe before lowering and driving). To avoid smacking your leg into the chair when you follow through you are forced to drive your top half down in order to get the back leg OVER the seat of the chair during follow through.

I agree with your coach.