Question about explosive training

does anyone know a couple good workouts that help with the explosiveness of the hips and upperbody. i dont know much about plyometrics so your gonna have to be real specific.

check out my video in the mechanics section. im throwing as hard as i can and my rotation makes it look like im barely throwing the ball. so i think explosiveness is my weakpoint. also if you watch the video feel free to point out any flaws.

medicine ball throws can be very helpful for the core and rotation. do side throws, overhead throws, ab throws.

i’ve got this one where i hold onto a bigweight and pivot my hips like 200 times, is that good or does that just sound stupid?

Your young focus on moving some weight first then later after you have built a good base of strength focus on some plyos. The stronger you are the more force you can potentially apply.

Well to build explosive muscle, your going to want to build up your Type 2 B fibers, or your fast twitch muscle fibers. These fibers respond to heavy, low rep work that will extend for no more than a minute in length, and doesn’t require the muscle to start oxidating itself. So for baseball players, biologically, you want a workout that emphasizes fast twitch work on the upper body, and an equal split of fast, med-fast, and slow twitch on the bottom. To do this, I reccomend a few things. For pitchers, stick to heavy hard sets of 3-6 reps for upper body, with 1-2 minutes of rest inbetween sets to allow your muscles to remake some ATP, and lasting for about 4-5 sets. However, because heavy sets like this can result in injury if optimal form isn’t used, I reccomend that you use mostly machines for upper body, and take your sets reps slow and controlled. For Lower body, a mix of 3-6 rep range, and 8-10 rep range can be used, and both are useful in baseball terms, and long distance running can help build your slow twitch fibers. And the number one rule to remember in my mind when training like this, is stretch A TON. Building up the muscle will mean nothing if you lose your flexibility, you need to be able to recruit more muscle than normal in your natural motion to see velocity gains. Recruiting more muscle in a shortened delivery will be a tradeoff and in the end useless, so please make sure you get atleast 5 minutes of stretching in before a workout, and 10-15 minutes after. This will give your muscles the length and flexibilty they need to preform baseball related movements.

Just my 2 cents, its how I’ve been working out this offseason and I’ve seen a definite increase in velocity, command, and endurance.