Question about college eligibility

if you dont play any sports your freshman year of college but then play on the team your sophmore year, are you considered freshman or sophmore eligibility? meaning do you have 3 or 4 years total to play if you dont play freshman year but play sophmore year?

You have 5 years including a red shirt season. since you did not recieve one the only way you would get one is from an injury i believe. If you play one year you then have 3 years remaining.

heres my situation, i need surgery now and wont play my freshman year but will still go to college. next year when i play will i have a full 4 years? even though next year i will be a sophmore by college standards.

Yes you will still have the 4 years.

ok thanks jd. what is the point of the medical redshirt then, is it used in my situation or only when someone gets hurt during the season and wants to keep their eligibility?

redshirting preserves eligibility, medical is a category of that. I don’t know the specific ruling for this. Perhaps only a certain number…idk.

Its all about numbers. I think you have to be under a certain requirement of playing time in order to be eligible for a medical redshirt. Since you are not playing if you are already commited to play then you have your med redshirt. If not it counts as nothing. Also, it has to be an injury they are willing to take you back from. If you havent played yet dont count on them taking you if you arent already on the team. Thats the situation i am in now. Tryouts friday. w00t.

hoysauce, let me see if i understand this. i didnt commit and we didnt start yet. so if i dont play this year do i still have all 4 years left to play even though im still going to college?

5 years to play 4.

10 semesters to play 4 years of ball (not including summer and winter)
some how this kid i played with did not go to school during fall semesters only registered for springs and played 7 years of college ball, i would not reccomend doing that though becuase i have no idea how he did it, probably changed his name a couple of times i think he bullshitted some redshirts from jucos he went to and stuff

I don’t think some of you guys understand what he is trying to say. I believe he is asking when he goes to college as a freshman, if he doesn’t play baseball at all since they haven’t begun practice or anything, and if he doesn’t redshirt will he still have 4 years of eligibility remaining his sophomore year? Meaning will a year of eligibility be taken away his freshman year if he doesn’t play at all, without redshirting?

mdorioles, perfectly said. that is exactly my situation.

are you on scholarship already?

no im not on scholarship. its a D3 juco. i was going to be on the team tho. i dont know if the ncjaa rules are different from ncaa.