Question about college baseball

I’m an eighth grader who just turned 14 and live in New York. This year I have been throwing from 70-76 on average, topping out at 77 mph. I’ve been watching the College World Series, and these guys don’t often hit 90. Does this mean I might have a shot at playing college baseball?

Of course! Sounds like you will be a freshman this coming fall, and 77 is definitely above average for your age!

You need to remember, many of these college pitchers are 22 year old men…8 years older than you! That is like comparing yourself to a 6 year old.

You still have growing left to do, and you will no doubt gain velocity. If you watch closely, you will find that many of those pitchers are only throwing mid 80’s…not that many are actually throwing 90+. Also remember that the pitchers on TV are playing for some of the best baseball programs in the country. There are MANY options for college baseball, and you don’t need to throw 90 to fit one of these options. :smiley: