Question about 8-year-old son

I recently started to video my son as he throws a pitch. When he releases the ball his hand turns in and then he finished down as expected. Is it normal for the pitching hand to rotate thumb down after a pitch is immediately released? A lot of the kids on our team seem to do this as well. Thanks,


so just to be clear his palm rotates away from his body after the pitch is released. if this is true than you have nothing to worry about it is completely natural and almost ALL pitchers do it (including the pros).

His palm rotates away from his body as you describe. Is this simply caused by the ball leaving the hand and, therefore, the loss of weight turns the hand inward. I would’ve never imagined that before I taped him.


Rotation in the direction you’re describing is called “pronation”. And, yes, all pitchers do this after they release the ball. It is involuntary. It’s a “built-in” protection mechanism for the shoulder, I believe.