Putting the end of the season to music…

Putting the end of the season to music…

A club I was with had a 54 game schedule and our record was 2 and 51 while going into our last game of the regular season. To say that anything could have gone wrong that year … did… was an understatement.

Anyway, while we were suiting up for our last game, our head coach came into the locker room, called in all the staff coaches and asked for everyone’s attention.

The long and the short of it was… he wanted to thank everyone for sticking with it. Even though our bus driver … not once but twice, was caught driving our bus without his license, our equipment manager forgot our bats on one occasion, and all sorts of injuries and stupid stuff caused us all kinds of grief … we didn’t give up. Even during the close ones … when the score was 14 to 3, we still got that added cushion of that 4th run to make the ride back home a little more palatable.

He then told us something that we already knew… he really enjoyed listening to his favorite singer … Conway Twitty. And as a favor to him, the stadium announcer was going to play one of his favorite songs.

So, go to YouTube and type in Conway Twitty’s song -“ It’s only make believe” and listen. Now, just imagine about 35 guys sitting in a dugout with a win-and-loss record that we had … a stadium full of tumbleweed… and there we were listening to that!

“To heck with it!” the guys put their numbers in a hat and they pulled out first come first served… first number plays first, second number plays second, etc. Pitchers played outfield, our catchers pitched, our bullpen staff coached first and third… and on it went.

The game turned out like always … a shutout…we got burned bad… but we had a blast. And although I wasn’t back the following year … and out of a job, nor was any of the other coaches back either, it’s part of the game. If you don’t keep things in perspective … the game isn’t gonna
be fun. Of course I can say that now… back then it was a different story.

Another great Coach Baker story.

I see you have found the wonderful world of youtube. :lol: :smiley: :lol:

Just teasing.