Putting it all together

I am hoping I can get some video up in the near future but we worked very hard with mechanics this past month. The son went 7 innings and pitched a CG for his current team. He threw strikes and didn’t walk anyone. He did hit two batters but that comes from pitching inside. Really impressed the heck out of me as he threw about 82 pitches. His K count wasn’t high but plenty of ground balls and pop ups. What was sweet about this victory is the fact that the opposing team is a local team that drafts and pick up kids throughout the county. They also are know to "steal " kids away from other teams and even asked if my son wanted to be a part of this team. He declined since he enjoys his current team and dislikes the coach. I posted a clip and many of you guys had opinions and we took them and ran with them. Focused on son landing a bit open than usual and also keeping his front shoulder a bit closed. Seemed to work well and his current team stayed alive for the playoffs this weekend.

Congratulations on the progress!! I’m looking forward to hearing how his team progresses and also seeing some video.