Putting hands over head

Why do pitchers like Roy Halladay do this?

I just started copying his mechanics, I’m doing the same. But why do you do it? What are some disadvantages and advantages.

I don’t think there is any advantage in fact I think with younger kids it hinders their balance, my kid did it and every time the hands came over the head, the head came forward a little and affected his balance.

It’s for timing and rhythm. Some use it…Maddux also did it but it’s not

Theres different ways to look at some people say it helps with timing and rhtymn as mentioned above and some people it just feels right to do that i used to do it but i look at it like this theres so many tiny things you can do wrong within your mechanics without an over the head delivery lets say theres 80 things you can do wrong little things with a not over the head delivery when you bring in the over the head that number moves up to 90 if you get what i mean its just more room to mess up unless you were do it since a little kid i wouldnt switch to it.

I always did it. It helped establish timing and rhythm, as so many people have said, and it didn’t matter whether I did it from the full windup or from the stretch. If you’re comfortable with it, do it.

i do the same. but like ted lilly. i bring my hands back all the way and nealy touch my neck. it keeps balance feels smoother and while i do that im gaining power for my pitch

for me rising my hands up as i wind up keeps me from resting them too low and thus my arm doesn’t get back and up in the right way. If my hands are too low when i break them i tend to take longer to get the ball around and i lose the momentum of my body and throw with too much arm.