Pustulio's Quest for Pitching Appearances :lol:


Second year of Legion ball and I still don’t get a lot of time on the mound and I could be losing my outfield spot so not only am I switching to second base but I’m praying I get more time on the mound this year.

Age: 17
Height: 6’ 1/2"
Weight: 215
Arsenal: Knuckleball, 4-seam, Cutter, Changeup
Fastball Velocity: Mid 70s

Made great progress with my newly learned cutter yesterday. I had been having problems with my location on my cutter, it was continually up and usually away. Well I found that when I stay closed as long as possible I get it down and in the zone and where I want it.

Knuckleball progress, finding that the more I focus on following the ball the more consistent the knuckleball is.

With my arsenal and my improved command I feel that I should be able to get on a mound when the snow melts and hopefully get some chances to pitch and prove myself as a pitcher to my coach.


Started to throw, had to stop, eyeball giving me problems in that gym.

Knuckleball scared somebody behind my catcher. :wink:


Got kicked out of the gym because my throwing partner threw ONE wild pitch. Snow on the ground, it could be a while before I throw again.


Snow’s finally going away, threw some BP on a soccer field (and took some BP as well), control is getting there, didn’t throw a lot of knucks, just working on location with conventional pitches to help my strike % with the knuckler when I finally get into the season.

First official practice is 4-15 or 4-16.