Pustulio's Knuckleball Vid

I saw a lot of really bad knuckleball how to tutorials and I felt it was necessary to provide some sort of decent tutorial. This may not be my last one but go ahead and take a look if you’re interested.

Sweet video man! Thanks it was very helpful.

Yeah, I will probably post a few more for more advanced things like how to actually incorporate the knuckleball into a game later on.

would love to see a video of you in action. i bet it is really good. if you can throw a good one, you can pitch past high school. i just bought a new book from barnes and noble that covers the knuckleball. you might be interested.

Knucklebook I assume? Yeah I’ve read it.

I would get a vid but I need the 2 ft. of snow to melt and I need a decent camcorder.

Tough part for me is the elevation here, I’m at 7,000 ft. or so and the air is really thin and dry, sometimes we get some wind when we travel to eastern Wyoming. Gets really hard sometimes though, especially on those cold Wyoming days when the fingers don’t want to extend.

What about a gym?

Yeah my throwing partner and I were gonna do that today actually Greg. Something came up with him today but I’ll get a vid. up sometime. This camera just doesn’t have the best quality to see all the movement. It’s just a sony handy cam.

Just to give you an idea I usually have 3-5 wiggles on it. I don’t have a video up yet.

Here’s another tips video.

hey so that’s you on the video? man you’re young… are u like 18 or 20 years old??

i’m gonna go watch em now…

Lol no I’m not 18 or 20, you went too high. I’ll be 17 Friday.

here’s a korean cartoon on a bit of tutorial & history on knuckleball. if you want translations on any panel, ask me

Nice. That’s great.

bump Just want as many people who want to see this to see it.

Hey it would be great if you would go ahead and translate that comic.

inside the parenthesis is the translation of the words inside the talk ballooon

Title: Beautiful Magic Pitch, Knuckleball

Panel 1:
When someone deceives you or makes your life harder…
(fake!) (:gag:)

Panel 2:
…why not consider imagining yourself being a knuckleballer on the mound?
(can’t I just be a fireballer?)

Panel 3:
Magic pitch, knuckleball…
(Knuuckle baaa~ll!) *The imagination I had about knuckleball after I heard about it in 1982

Panel 4:
Actually, it’s a slow pitch that ranges about 110 km/h…
(Arirang~arirang~) -> don’t know how to translate that one

Panel 5:
The secret of this magic pitch is on the lack of the spin of the ball…
Fujikawa Ryuji: 20 spins
Tim Wakefield: 0.8 spin

Panel 6:
The lack of the spin on the ball shows the errative movement of the pitch itself…
(Time for the 3rd bar of the night! :hic:)

Panel 7:
However, the pitching mechanism of knuckleball is very different than that of conventional’s…
conventional pitch: snap/scratch
knuckleball: push

Panel 8:
To throw knuckleball well, you must analyze the pitch thoroughly…
(Do you promise to love the knuckleball only until your dark hair becomes as white as cabbage root?)
(:sniff: yes)

Panel 9:
…and it is hard to control with its erratic movement
(Knuckle! go to right!)
(hell no)

Panel 10:
and to promote the lack of the spin, the pitches would be slow…
the grip that is impossible to let the ball to travel fast…
shoulder is used just enough for the ball to reach the mitt…
the spin cannot increase, so the hip rotation cannot be promoted…
and the lower body is pretty much non-existent in delivery function

Panel 11:
and it is deadly when one makes a mistake pitch!!
(ugh, right on the middle… a mistake pitch!!)
(ugh!! I was waiting for a breaking ball…)
*the mistake pitch doesn’t always result in bad consequences…

Panel 12:
When knuckleball gets as much as one spin, it’ll be finding itself into the seats in no time…

(ha!) -> knuckleball with less than a spin
(huh!) -> knuckleball with more than a spin

Panel 13:
Which means, in any situation, one must pitch it with never ending care and passion…
(you know you should cut the hair with care and passion?)
(of course, sir!)

Panel 14:
and when appropriate things happen, it can strike out hitters who can drive balls that travel in 150 km/h (about 93mph)

(just throw me 160 km/h fastball!) -> about 100mph

Panel 15:
how does this relate to real life? one may not have much of a life resume or anything…
(only thing i can do is just washing those dishes…)

Panel 16:
… but if he does his work dilligently…
(hmm, seems that he’s a hard working dishwasher… maybe he’ll be a good cook if i teach him)

Panel 17:
… just who can predict that one could accomplish the life’s 20 wins or get in to hall of fame status?
Phil Niekro: 318 wins, career ERA of 3.86, HOF’er knuckleballer…

Panel 18:
In new year of 2009, we wish you happy new year and the victory of yours in life…

Thanks, that’s pretty sweet except I don’t like that they said to push. lol

Here’s a couple of video clips that Pustulio and other knuckleball afficionados might enjoy:

The pitcher is a northern California high school guy. You can find more clips of his knuckleball on YouTube at the BaseballFarm channel.

The first one is dirty but the other 3 that he has on there aren’t that great, I know they don’t show up well on camera but they need to be close to the zone at least. And there was one with way too much spin.

He’s getting there though, he could be really good in a few years, he has the benefit of low elevation too :x

Thanks for the critique, Pustulio–I think your assessment is pretty accurate.

Unfortunately, I had to leave before this kid’s bullpen was over so I didn’t get video of all his work from the mound. That session was the first time I had ever seen him throw but probably won’t be the last time–hopefully I’ll be able to record his progress and post it up at BaseballFarm on YouTube.

The kid is primarily a catcher for his HS team, I think, and a good hitter, but he said he likes to pitch, too.

He told me his FB is mid-70’s, and the knuckleball is low-60’s. Nice velocity differential there if the knuckler is working, and that side-arm delivery is really interesting. On one of the knuckleball clips he actually gets some side-spin on the ball. (Probably too much spin, though, as you pointed out).

I’ll try to do a better job on the video next time I see this kid.