yeh i was wondering are pushups a good workout pitchers should do.

100+ each night for three years has been working pretty well for me. I wouldn’t see why not.

My son is a push-up maniac (as posted before) and the only concern I have is that you work on the back muscles as diligently as the front. Muscular imbalance caused my son to have a shoulder impingement.

A full-body workout routine will benefit you far more than a single exercise or group of exercises. For instance, most workout routines are 4 months of the same three or four types of exercises, then four months of different exercises that work the same muscle groups. Your body will eventually get used to the types of exercises and you will plateau, i.e., stop getting stronger.

Also remember to stretch the muscles lightly before a workout (most of the experts recommend light jogging to raise the heart rate prior to a light preliminary stretch, then your exercises, then a heavier stretching after the muscles have been worked.

Good luck.

yea if you imbalance yourself when working out u can really mess up your shoulder believe me i did about 2 years ago and over time messed up my shoulder but now pushups work pretty good… i also use my bowflex :smiley: