What type/hand position/grip pushup do you prefer?

I have been using push up grips for a while now and definitely notice the difference in wrist and forearm inclusion. Only just recently, however, have I adopted what I consider to be the traditional push up grip with the hand position with the fingers running perpendicular to the body. (basically at the top of the perfect pushup but keeping that hand position through the entire exercise)
I have completely dropped machine flys and have incorporated DB pullovers (an exercise we also performed at bellevue).

I really dont know if any other chest moves are necessary? It just seems like my back days are more productive than the days I work on my chest.

I use the traditional push up position and then I do them on the back of my hands to work my back.

Give the ones on the back of your hands or even thumbs up a try and you’ll be amazed just how hard it hits your back.

Can I see a picture of this? It sounds intriguing

here’s a video of it, he demonstrates it at about 2:40

Here’s one that is similar but way more intense I can’t do it.

That looks crazy imma try it arms closer together or performed similar to the first video?

That’s the way I like to do it, the ones in the second video seem to put your shoulders in a vulnerable position.

that one guy was a jacked garbage man

What you describe is the “neutral grip” which is the same grip I advocate for DB Bench press for pitchers (as does Eric Cressey).

Anyway, pushups are great for chest strength as well as scapular retraction and activation. They are solid exercises. You shouldn’t have the machine fly in there anyway, so it’s a nice strict upgrade.

Pushup bars like the Perfect Pushup have been around for awhile. They are solid products and cheap too. Training forearm rotation is very useful for pitchers, as you can strengthen the pronator teres by using the neutral grip while lowering yourself and pronating and rotating your arm as you push yourself from the ground.

Well here’s a question for everyone about DB Rows. Are there specific muscles of the back that are hit with each arm angle or is there a general full back DB Pull that can be accomplished?

its gonna be pretty similar, but as always, different grips and angles have slightly different effects. Rowing closer to your waist is going to give you less elbow flexion and probably recruit your lats more and biceps less than rowing to your mid-chest. But I wouldn’t worry too much about those specifics. Just change around the grips every few weeks or when you feel like it.