Pushups and Pitching

Are pushups beneficial to pitchers or could they do more harm than good?

I think they’re fine for a pitcher as long as you balance your lower body workouts too.

Listen to kc when he posts, though.

not only balance it out with leg workouts but make sure you are pulling(pullups or any type of a row) as much as you are pushing or an injury will be coming soon …muscle inbalance.To add some intensity I put a resistance band around my back and under my hands also try some plyometric pushups as well as some where your stability is challenged or combine the 3 into one SUPER!!! pushup lol pushups are fun so have fun with it get creative

Push ups strengthen the pecks,abs,shoulders,triceps,biceps and most important the scaps. This is to my knowledge.

Rock is correct. You want to balance the push and pull movements and you’ll be great. Pullups are a great exercise to counter the pushup.