Pushup Variations

does anyone know some different pushup variations besides wide grip, close grip, feet on chair?

i really like doing pushups with sweedish balls and bosu balls. with the sweedish ball you can do it with your feet on the ball and hands on the ground or vice versa. with the bosu ball you turn it where the ball part is on the ground and you grab the edges and do pushups. these variations help strengthen many of the smaller stabilizer muscles and also give you more of a core workout.

Fingers inward, fingers outward, on fingertips, on knuckles, clapping (aka plyo pushups), one hand on med ball, powerovers, depth pushups, barbell or dumbbell pushups, handstand, divebomber, hindu, pike press…

I think that’s all I can remember at the moment.

Definitely. Using the Swiss ball adds a high degree of instability, which can be really effective for the small stabilizer muscles in the shoulders and core.

i can only do knuckle pushups because my wrsit is messed up. are these any different than normal pushups?

pushups with the claps and one hand on a med ball switching back and forth are the two best by far for a pitcher , they are explosive forward movements as you would need in pitching