Pushing off the mound

I think one of the reasons that I dont throw that fast(low 70’s) is that I don’t think I am using my legs to push off of the mound.

What can I do to correct this?

this goes back to the age old argument of drop and drive or staying tall. ive seen pitchers who throw better when they push off the mound but for me i dont do it i like stayin tall its just finding out what works best for you.

yea the only problem for staying tall for me is that I am only 5’5… lol

a good pitcher for you to watch would be roy oswalt. hes a short and really pushes off of the mound and he throws in the mid 90’s.

sometimes its not how hard you push off the mound but how much u rotate your hips combined with the push off the mound

What pushing off the mound can do is to help you rotate your hips. But it all comes down to how much you rotate your hips (and whether they rotate well ahead of your shoulders).