Pushing my limits

Hello everyone-
My name is Brendan Smith, and I am a junior RHP at UAlbany, a D1 in Albany, NY. On our scout day on September 28, 2017, I sat 87-88 and topped at 89 from a low 3/4/siderarm slot. My goal for the off-season is to top at 93 mph before our first weekend series (Feb. 23). I want to go into that weekend sitting 90-91, to generate interest from scouts. Currently, I am 6’3" and weigh 230 lbs. My ideal weight for the season is 215-220 lbs.
Current “main” lifting maxes (based on our program):
Deadlift- 405 lbs x2 reps
Front squat- 245 lbs x2 reps
DB bench press- 75 lbs x4 reps
Lifting goals by Feb. 23:
Deadlift- 455 lbs x2 reps
Front squat- 275 lbs x2 reps
DB bench press- 90 lbs x4 reps

Follow along on my journey to 93 mph (and hopefully beyond). My plan is to post weekly updates. I do not throw a bullpen until December, and won’t use radar gun ratings until late December or early January

Great program. I grew up in Upstate NY and was looking to go there or Siena. Look forward to following your progress. Keep up the great work.

Appreciate the kind words! It really is a great program to be a part of

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This week, not much has changed. We have begun lightly tossing, with plans to begin bullpens in early December.
Current man lift maxes:
Deadlift- 415 lbs x2 reps
Front squat 245 lbs x2 reps
DB bench press- 75 lbs x4 reps

My goals have not changed, and I am excited to continue working towards them

Any video? Curious to why you do not try and get a higher arm slot to help with velo?

No recent video. I have my lower arm slot due to a partial UCL tear I suffered in August 2014. My trainer and I determined that I, among other things, was not throwing from my “natural” arm slot, yanking my head to the side, and putting extra stress on my arm.

Have you guys heard of The Rope Trainer? This is a great pitching training aid that can be used anywhere. I’m sure you guys have heard of the towel drill. Kind of the same thing, but this gives you more resistance and you actually get to hold onto a baseball while doing it. You can check it out here https://go.provenbaseball.com/ropetrainer

This will help increase your pitching speed & help reduce injury. I have used it along with my brother and we both love the results we are getting from it!

Holds and towel drills have caused issues for me in the past so I will definitely not be doing those again

This past week was one of my best so far. I went up in two of my main lift categories, and we began our long toss program as we continue to aim for December 1 bullpens.
Deadlift- 445 lbs x1 rep
Front squat- 225 lbs 4 sets x4 reps
DB bench press- 80 lbs x4 reps

This week, I will be testing my max deadlift on Thursday, and I am aiming for at least 455. Excited to get back on the mound in a short few weeks

nice lifts. i just hit 425x1 on deadlift. getting to 450 is hard work. what is your power clean at? hope you reach your velo goals.

Pitchers are not allowed to power clean at Albany. Good luck with your future deadlifts!

This past week I tested my max deadlift and surpassed my goals.
Current main lift maxes:
Deadlift: 475 lbs x1 rep
Front squat: 225 4 sets x2 reps (1 day after max deadlift)
DB bench press: 80 lbs x4 reps
We are now 2 weeks away from getting back on the mound, and between that and the semester coming to a close, time seems to be moving at a snail’s pace.