Push off with leg

what about pushing off so much that u may be in the air for a second…

i hear by everyone, the closer to home plate you are, the more velocity, and less reaction time for the batter…

whenever someone is throwing from the out field, they dont just step and throw, they need a crow hop to throw full speed

who is to say that it is bad for a pitcher to almost “hop” as they push off with their right leg(left for lefty)… it may look unorthadox(sp) for a second, but it would give u a huge stride and give u a lot of momentum towards home…

i have been trying to do it a little bit while throwing outside

almost like i have no feet on the ground for a split second as my right foot pushes off, then my left foot lands

any videos of pitchers doing something similar to this??

kinda like lincecum… you can see his back leg is off the ground, and his toe is barely dragging, before his front foot even lands

You will probably lose velocity.

A drastically longer stride will give you less amounts of hip/shoulder separation. Lincecum has a long stride, yet still has insane amounts of hip/shoulder separation. Lincecum gets a good amount of his velocity due to this, not the long stride.

He can do this due to his conditioning, flexibility, etc., which you probably don’t have. IMHO, you would gain nothing.

Its a delicate balance between stride length/momentum and hip/shoulder separation…You have to remember that what you are trying to do is to get your hand speed to be as fast as possible at the release point. Sometimes too long of a stride can create posture issues if you do not have enough hip or spine stability. Also, too much hip/shoulder separation isn’t necessarily a good thing if your core isn’t strong enough to pull your shoulders back through. It’s all about creating the elastic energy through your pre-stretch activation, and too much stretch will break the elasticity