Push-off drills?--HELP

Any drills or mental “triggers” on when to break hands–kid breaking hands too close to the balance point,leading to velocity loss.Need lateral movement to plate.Pitching well out of stretch.Ideas guys?

I used to have the problem with breaking my hands too soon in my mechanics. To break my hands slowly while my front leg is on the way down, I over-emphasized the time. By this, I mean that I kept my hands together much later than the ideal, because I had the habit of throwing my arm backward, rather than a controlled arm-swing. This gave me the sensation of the timing of where my hands should be at that stage of my mechanics. Gradually, I could wait smaller amounts of time until I had a nice controlled arm-break.

This is probably very confusing to read, I appologize. :cry:

i had a little problem getting my timing back together when i just started throwing bullpens after surgery. one thing i did was drop my hands really low, in front of my zipper, so i couldnt wait too long or else my leg would get in the way. i would just break as soon as i had room with my leg clearing. it didnt really take long to get back in rhythm.

after a while i could move my hands up to where it was comfortable since my hand timing was back in sync with my mechanics.

hope that helps