Purpose of the index finger

the index finger is being used less and less
why is that

for curve guys lift the index off
and for change ups it makes a circle which pretty much makes it useless

what is the purpose of taking the index finger on the ball

Less speed? I throw my cutter off of my index so its very important to me. Same with my 2-seam. But change-up is kind of obvious to get your good fingers off of the ball to slow it down.

why do you get more movement/better break without the index

pedromart/volquez’s changeup
lincecum/beckett curve

You need that index finger when you throw the slider.
I used to grip that pitch with the index and middle fingers close together, and neither two-seam nor four-seam but somewhere in between—and I would put more pressure on that index finger when releasing the ball, which I threw sidearm. The slider doesn’t have a big break, but it can and does have a very sharp one. And there are a few other pitches where that index finger is indispensable, so hang on to it and use it.

A lot of pitchers, and people in general, don’t have as much dexterity in the index finger compared to the middle finger. Your middle finger is your longest and strongest finger. You see a lot more spike curve and one-finger curve grips these days. Not many pitchers are throwing a two-finger curve. Neither grip is better than the other. Pitchers use what’s comfortable.

As for the circle changeup, you want the index finger off because you are trying to put less force on the ball by throwing it off the middle and ring fingers. Throwing it off the index and middle would be a fastball. Although, some pitchers do throw a three-fingered change. The reason some pitchers can’t throw a circle change is because the ring finger doesn’t have much dexterity as the middle finger. In this case, some pitchers choose to throw a splitter or forkball as their changeup. Although, some pitchers throw both, like Smoltz, Hudson, and Haren.

As Bower and Zita said, sliders and cutters are thrown off the index finger.

the index is an extra inch the ball has to rotate over(for a curve not slider or cut). so eliminating it essential starts the break sooner and i think makes it rotate faster.

i know it is need for fastball variations
but for other pitches change, curve, splitter(vulcanchange)

why isnt the pinky used


why isnt the pinky used[/quote]

Because it is farther away from the ball than the other fingers. It’s also the weakest. Someone posted before about a changeup that’s thrown off the ring and pinkie finger.