Purple K

Good for baseball workouts? Or just intense bodybuilding.

I think you could probably use Purple K as a beneficial creatine in your baseball workouts. Purple K is pH correct, which means there is no loading, bloating or water retention and your body will absorb 100% of the dose.

Good product, used it last year.

Still dont buy into the creatine improves baseball skills. All i ever see is additional water weight.

Im old enough to know that theres nothing to improve my skills but practice i just need something to improve my ability to add muscle because whey protein isnt doing it for me.

I’d say Purple K is right for you, then. See my previous post for more information.

Creatine wont add significant weight. You need to eat more.

Creatine might allow you a couple more reps during workouts, which helps you to get stronger. The only weight you’ll gain is water retention - and that wont help you athletically.

With Purple K, there is no water retention.