Pumping up the team


Do you guys have any suggestions on how to fire up my team? Everyone is so quiet on the bench and on the field. It’s like they don’t want to win. I’ll leave speeches to the coaches, but what are some ways to get my teammates into the game?


Lead by example. And keep the chatter lively but positive. Be the first to give high fives and first to pick guys up after a bad at bat or rough inning on the hill. People feed off others actions. The guy I hated in the dugout was the guy who came around telling me to “get louder” or “make some noise.” Nothing put me in a more foul mood.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” - or however that Gandhi quote goes.


Thanks for the advice bro! I gotta admit I’ve been telling the team to “talk it up” a lot recently. If they refuse to talk I guess I’ll just have to be loud.


Just the general phenomenon of people not liking being told what to do. But if they see you having fun getting rowdy when your teammate smacks a double or records a big strikeout, they will want to hop on that bandwagon.


Sometimes rally caps get everyone talking, too. Something about looking like fools together makes it more likely to get everyone involved in the chatter.

What works for me is I walk down the line of players sitting on the bench and kick someone in the cleats as I clap and chatter. Usually that person starts chattering as does the next person in line who doesn’t want to be kicked :wink:

Not sure if this action would get you arrested for bullying in this day and age…but hey.


haha probably would


Here’s my view on teams and their demeanor:

Some teams collectively are made up of players that have a sober attitude, all business, reserved and stuff like that. Their overall composure is a collective of personalities. Your demeanor just happens to be one that’s just the opposite from theirs.

So let me ask you this - why not change your demeanor to match your teammates, instead of all your teammates changing their demeanor to match yours? I think it’s a fair question and reasonable - don’t you?

On the other hand, if there are undercurrents going on within the structure of your club, then that changes the entire picture here. If so, you’re walking a very tight line, like trying to reach for the moon.

Teams in competitive baseball have mandates and issues, dictated by environments, that are impossible to digest at your age. So, with respect to the digesting remark … be careful not to bite off more than you can chew… that mouthful can get stuck in your throat … and virtually impossible to digest.


By the way, your coach(s) are suppose to set the tone for you club. If your club has a team captain, then he’s the one that’s suppose to pick up the pace and run with it.

If neither of these people exist, I’m sure it’s going to be (is) a very lonely season. There’s little if anything that you can do, or should be expected to do.

I would suggest turning all that feeling(s) that you have inward - to yourself. Forget about the guys sitting next to you. Go out there and kick the heck out this game. Ride it for everything it’s worth. So, in amateur ball you have only one chance to go around, and for the fun of it. Who needs a bench full of stiffs to make you happy. Get out there, do your thing, #@$! everyone else. Every time you take the field, put a bat on your shoulder, give your head coach a glance and mutter to yourself … " hey you… put this on my bill … I’m running a tab… "



I’m not the only one that wants to talk. Also, it’s not that there all business they like to talk and fool around, just not about the game. all they do is talk about school and video games and girlfriends and all that stupid sh*t it’s so annoying.


So it’s annoying that your teammates don’t, and won’t, act the way you’d like them to act? Then, I go back to my original question - - why not change your demeanor to match your teammates, instead of all your teammates changing their demeanor to match yours? I think it’s a fair question and reasonable - don’t you?

Before you consider an answer, there is no sarcasm on my part here. None. I’m focusing your attention on things that happen all around you, either on the ball field or off. People are creatures of attitudes and in their personal space. When in a group, they act and behave differently than when their alone - usually following the lead of someone else that’s very much like themselves. You happen to fit a different mold. So, don’t push this beyond reason. The majority of the guys, or that group that “annoys” you, are the way they are and you’re not going to change that. Trying to do so will end up earning you a not-so-nice relationship that will definitely spill over into your other relationships off the field.


good point. I just wish they actually cared about winning, would probably help with our losing streak