you don’t want to listen to music that will get you pumped-up because that aderinaline could cloud your thought. You want to focus on the hand at task and that is it. Pitchers that are pumped up normally throw wild a little or leave the ball up in the zone so i think take it calm and easy with breathing.

thanks for advice :smiley: i never thought about that

I usually listen to calmer toned music to settle me down so I don’t get wild, good advice RIstar.

There is not one set emotion that all successful pitchers must have. Personally I like to get pumped up espicially if I’m a reliever. Look at John Rocker-putting his personality aside 8) he was a very succesful pitcher for a few years. That guy was amped. He would sprint on the field, do his warm up tosses as fast as possible and the pump 99 mph gas past all of the hitters. When his fielders made an out he’d scream in appriciation(sp?). Tom Glavine and Gregg Maddux look very focused and then you have a guy like Erik Bedard who looks bored. There was a game last week where Bedard loaded the bases. Then he proceeded to K the side on only 11 more pitches. If Rocker did that hed be pumping his fist and yelling but Bedard had the same bored look on his face.

John Rocker-



Erik Bedard




There’s not one set way to go about your business as a pitcher and many different ways can help you on your way to being successful.

i think i’ve gotta agree with RIstar here. i actually prefer to listen to music that keeps you calm. stuff like Pink Floyd, The Doors, etc.

So your telling me that everyone has to listen to Pink Floyd before they pitch. Heck No! Everyone’s different. You personally and RIStar may prefer to be calmed down. Me, Personally, I like to be amped when I come in to pitch. I find that I can get too calmed down at times and lose some of my competitiveness at times if I relax too much. Do you really think John Rocker would be the pitcher that he was if he listened to Enya before every game, then casually walked to the mound and took his time? No. Thats just not his personality. Everyone’s different. You like to be calmed down, I like to be pumped up. Thats just a fact, not something you can agree or disagree about.

RIStar says what he says in his usual, “my way works and no other does”, manner. Everyone likes different things and some like to have the adreniline (sp?) pumping and others like to be calm and relaxed. Something that works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

I have to agree wiht hoove. Not all pitchers are the same.And you said you dont want to cloud your thought, and imo sometimes pitchers think to much about what they need to do and end up messing up.IMO

Use whatever you can to get your ideal attitude flowing, I prefer to be calm and have my poker face on. Some people like the yelling and excited tone.

i also like to get pumped up before i pitch and i agree with hoove about everyones different im not listening to no pink floyd before i pitch…