Pump you up or calm you down

On bus rides to games should I listen to fast, crazy music to pump me up or slower stuff to relax me? Right now I listen to a little of both.

depends on the kind of person you are and how you are on the mound. me personally i listen to slow music i like to be calm and think about the game that im about to throw. If your someone who likes to be intense on the mound then u prolly listen to different music but ive always been someone who liked to keep his emotions composed.

i rock out to some hardcore metal such as shadows fall, lamb of god etc or some hardcore rap i like both

Definitely depends on the type of person you are. The key is tho, before you hit the mound, or while your warming up put yourself in the right frame of mind, i would say you want to have some balance, whether your intense of mellow you want a lil bit of the other side.

earlier this year i was doing the chill out get in a meditation mode with loungey music thing… but it would make me too sensitive to what’s going on around me… now I have my i-pod programmed to play music that gets me ready to rip the other team apart … I think this works better from me because I’m normally really laid back and passive and I need the music to tap into an agressive and impatient side of me … I really like to feel impatient, I think impatience is how I put it… I need to be a little irritable, yet stoic and quiet on the outside