Pulling glove into chest

If i try pulling glove into chest will that help me rotate and get over the front foot? I think it could be for good timeing like NOLAN RYAN does it.

It would help with control i would think because the arm wouldn’t be slightly hanging anymore.

what do you think?

I don’t think Ryan pulls his glove to his chest. Pulling the glove often leads to opening the shoulders early.

I don’t see Ryan as “pulling” his glove to his chest. I see it more as “firming up” his glove and front shoulder to prevent opening the shoulders too soon.

Explain how I could firm up the front shoulder? And if I do this do you think I can get more out in front?

As the shoulders rotate, the elbow should tuck down below the arm pit and the glove should swivel over so the palm faces your chest/face. Then the arm can tense up a bit to stabilize.

Stabilizing the glove arm really has nothing to do with getting out in front.

You can use the GS arm a bit to help stay closed, but it won’t do much in the way of velocity as you are describing. You seem to want to pull back with your left side, getting more rotation on your torso. But you really can’t do it that way, you’ll just end up flying open early. Just work on tucking your glove under your shoulder like this-

ok and im going to try to GO a little more at the target. Sometimes I feel I stride the the RIght as a Right handed pitcher.

Also when throwing should i keep my are tight or loose?

Well after you practice it, it will become muscle memory and you will completely forget about it. But truth be told, the action of your glove side arm doesn’t have that much to do with anything IMHO, Clemens flys out with his, but he stays closed. So does Moyer, so do a bunch of guys. Its just instinctful.

instead of messing with the glove im going to work on sideways striding more because that will help get everything at the target and stay closed.

Try and swing your glove a little towards third base after your hands break, the tuck. That really helped me stay closed, boosted my fastball and vastly improved my control.

I do bring the glove towards 3rd when i break my hands already.

Then just tuck from their.

I would say that whether you tuck the glove, point the glove, etc. is personal style. The glove needs to be out front somewhere over the front foot at foot plant to keep from opening up early. But what the glove itself does isn’t that important.