Pulldowns and pitching work


My focus was to explosively open my hips. I liked the feeling of it. I felt/it looked like I was getting more separation in my throws.

I was also able to get multiple angles.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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The video link doesn’t work for me–fyi. Repost if you still want us to have a look. Thanks.


Here’s my most recent video. I must have deleted the one above.


What camera is that? Shoots at a great frame rate and is very high quality. iPhone 6?



Keep you head down and continue your head’s progress forward with the pitch.

You’re snapping your head at the end of your pitching progression, then bailing out with your entire upper torso.

Stay down and concentrate on your follow through. Keep focused on where your trying to put the ball - from beginning to end. Your ability to regain your composure with this current brute force approach will soon contribute to health issues later on as you get older and your body is less resilient.

Take a look at this pitcher below as he finishes his pitch. Regardless what legal form of pitching style you use, try and stay with the pitch from beginning to end and finish somewhat like this if you can.




I’m using my iPhone 5 and the Ubersense app. It gets 60 frames a second, according to the app. I then use a video program called Sony Vegas pro to edit my video, which I have found has given it a lot better slow motion.

My other camera that would probably record at a high quality, is less easy to set up and analyze video on the spot. With my phone, quality doesn’t drop too much and I can look at the video a lot easier using Ubersense(and it’s free.)

Coach Baker,

Thanks for the comments. I agree my head is pretty “wild” and whipping around like yous stated. My concern right now is purely to throw as hard as I can right now.

But that is something that I do need to improve. I would like to have my head facing my target throughout my motion, or at least, a lot more than it does now.