Pull ups

Im a big guy, 6’4" 230, and I havent quite been able to add pullups to my routine yet, not quite strong enough. I have been reading around and iy seems that lat pulldowns arent quite the same motion as a pullup because of the machine so that is not the most efficient way to build up to them. How can I accomplish this? I figure once I am able to implement them all my upper body lifts will improve.


Try doing assisted chin-ups. You can accomplish this a few ways:

  1. Get a band at the bottom of a power cage that you stand on, which helps push you upwards
  2. Do a calf-raise into a chin-up; failing this, jump into a chin-up

The best thing is to use assisted chin-ups and make sure you focus on correct form instead of amount of chin-ups you can complete. For instance you’ll see a lot of people cranking out half chin-ups without fully lowering all the way to the ground but it’s the same as moving the bar only have way on bench press you’re not getting a full range of motion and are cheating your workout