Public school vs private school

My son is currently a pitcher at a large (4,000+ students) public highschool in Miami. The school has a history of giving innings to seniors first, then juniors. Chances are that he will only get 10-15 innings next year as a junior. His summer travel team coach is a pitching coach at a small (300 students) private highschool. He has told him that he would be the ace on the pitching staff if he transferred. This means that he would pitch 50-60 innings starting his junior year and not have to wait until he is a senior to pitch often.

I would like to hear your pros and cons of a large public school program versus a small private school program.

Are you looking at this strictly as a Baseball move or as the more important factor your son’s education?

Which school is going to give him the best opportunity to succeed in life? Which school will help him get into a quality college? Which school will help him learn to develop and mature into a man?

The other aspect is finances, are you ready to start shelling out money for your son’s HS education and then still be able to afford to send him to College, the full ride scholly is a rarity.

Once those questions are answered then you can start looking at Baseball and which school will help him develop and give him better opportunities to advance to the next Baseball level.

Remember there are guys playing College now barely stepped foot onto a HS field. There’s guys that have never played HS Baseball who are now playing College. Sadly HS Baseball isn’t what it used to be in the recruiting process.

I go to a school of about 4,000+ students. I am going to be a senior this year and I basically went through what your son would go through if he stays at his public school. I pitched about 15-20 innings the whole season (40+ games). I do not regret being on the team because it was a great learning experience. It gave me the ability to learn from those seniors and change my attitude about the game of baseball. I wouldn’t transfer just because of baseball. It makes it seem like the education doesn’t matter. Plus there are probably about 5-10 other guys who are juniors and are not going to be able to play that much either. So he wouldn’t be the only one in that boat. Just tell him to use his junior year to ge the feel for varsity baseball. Tell him to learn from his peers and get better everyday. It is a long year, but I am starting senior year and I am enjoying the playing time. Hope this helped.

I would go to the private HS because, in my opinion, that a) your son pitches more and b) for education you have a smaller class for more 1 on 1 help in your son’s classes

Thats just my advice, it’s your decision