Psyched to pitch

There’s, of course, much talk about the physical preparation that goes into pitching. But what about mental preparation? How do you get “psyched to pitch”? What pregame strategies do you perform to pitch your best?

I got prepard mentally by doing the same routine before every game I started. My pitching coach developed a pregame warm-up program that I did everytime. The familiarity of the program calmed me and increased my focus before the game.

I got a specific playlist on my IPOD and I dont listen to those songs any other time. We come through our right field gate (running) and as soon as I hit the dugout my IPOD goes on and I dont talk to a sole and I get ready to dominate :lol:

I break out the MP3 player and crank it up. Im in HS so we usually have a 20-40 min bus ride. I listen to:

“Take It All Away”-Puddle of Mudd
"Somewhere I Belong"-Linkin Park
"The Quite Place"-In Flames
"Crawling In The Dark"-Hoobastank
"Trigger"-In Flames
"In The End"-Linkin Park
"Crazy Train"-Ozzy Osbourne
"Black Balloon"-Goo Goo Dolls
"Mein Herz Brent"-Reimstien
"Fire On High"-ELO
"Sweet Child Of Mine"-Guns N Roses

And finally (volume all the way up)

MLB on Fox (Playoffs Song)

Usually I just keep in simple, listen to some music and stuff… I’m not one of those guys that runs out to the mound screaming, I save that for when I strike some guys out 8)

I just spend some time with God in prayer, read some Bible passages, and stay relaxed.

I’m usually a quiet achiever. So I dont do anything in particular. I have a job to do so I go out there and do it. Whether or not my defense is up to scratch is another thing. But I do my job, with hardly any words in between. Nothing special. Just pure determination and passion for the game and position I love.

Right before I go to bed, I sit in my room quietly, and visualize myself on the mound. I also toss a baseball up in the air, and practice my grips. My goal: to hinder any emotions that could effect my performance on the mound. I visualize errors being made, walks being allowed, and try and refocus any negative energy I could attain into positive energy. I also do some stretching exercises to loosen up my body. And finally, I visualize the team winning the game. Then I go to bed, and anxiously await the next day. Oh, and I eat a lot of pasta the day before; although, I usually pasta everyday, hmm…

Most importantly though, I always think about that perfect game, or being the guy called upon to get us out of a bases loaded jam-that happened to me about 7-8 times last year. Fun times…! :slight_smile: !

Also, on game day, I’m really quiet, it used to bug my teamates. They would always ask why are you so quiet? I would glance at them, then continue being quiet. They eventually stopped questioning my antics, and just let me be. When I’m not on the mound, and my teamates are hitting, I would hold a baseball in my hand.

Those all sound good to me. Basically you study what you do before you pitch your best and build a routine around those things. This isn’t superstition, it’s mood optimizing, focus optimizing things that directly help you get into the right mindset.

‘The Contender’ theme music. Active visualisation.

You might not have heard it before but check out the theme music for football’s UEFA Champions’ League. Pretty neat.

lately I’ve been thinking it’s best to listen to mid-tempo ito ambient nstrumental DJ music rather than fast, agressive pumped up rock or rap … I feel I need to be in control, as much as it’s tempting to get really amped up, that’s not going to help … it’s not as if I really need to call upon outside influences to get my adrenaline going…

I love this game so much that just the fact I know I have a game later Psychs me up. All I have to do is put on my glove and im ready to play

i just play some heavy music like some mudvayne, then maybe a little rap while i’m throwing my bullpen…then i usually sitdown on the bench and think about what batters are coming up and what i have to do, talk it over with my pitching coach and then go to work…then on the mound i’m always better than the batter…i don;t care if manny is up…i hit my spots and usually give the stare down on a K or if it’s in a big spot the fist pump and a yell…try to get groundballs, mix my looks when a runner is on…leave the past behind and go one pitch at a time…

big fan of Nonpoint-In the air tonight, especially when pitching a night game…

i listen to soft slow and depressing music im not a big fan of getting all crazy to pitch. For me i like to be calm but after i get done throwing in the pen i go into the dugout and think about the greatest outings and moments on the mound and that always gets the adrenaline pumping.

I’ll wake up and take it real easy. I’ll do something that focuses my mind off the game for a little while. When 2 or 3 hours until the game, i’ll slowly warm myself up. I’ll go out and long toss for a little bit. Hit off the tee a couple dozen times. Play some loud music. I’m also really quiet before a game starts.

I really just try to clear my head of all thoughts. Thats the best thing I can possibly do so it allows me to step on the diamond and just be myself. My game relies on instincts, in the field and on the mound. I can’t let over-thinking get in the way of that.

Ill listen to music to fall asleep at night, unless Baseball tonight is on. Throughout the day ill do my normal everyday routine except by the time i get to the ballpark im already in the zone. I wouldnt say im obsessing over the start but im just prepared. As i begin getting loose i have little checkpoints i need to hit for me to feel comfortable. When i hit them i feel good and i can go on the mound with utter confidence. I also like to be a little bit more calm starting and def. more amped up if im coming in relief.

usually i listen to music on the way to the game. i start out with some soft music to get my mind ready and gradually start listening to louder and harder music to get my adrenaline pumping. visualizing myself on the mound dominating hitters is a must for me. i dont have an overpowering fastball so i visualize myself crossing the batter up on speeds and locations and i visualize myself and my team playing the best defense imaginable. you can have all the talent in the world but if you’re not ready mentally you’re nothing.

I listen to the Contender and the Ultimate Fighter theme songs, and then listen to “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace while walking a circle around the mound, then I just go stand on the rubber and visualize while my team does the outfield part of our infield/outfield. After those 3 songs end I go warm up with my catcher. Whether he is the one catching the game or not, he has been my catcher my whole life, and he knows just as good as I do while Im warming up what pitches will work, which ones wont, and if I need to tweak my mechanics at all. I love when he actually catches the game. It’s eery how much we stay on the same page. Even when I have a curve in my hand as the 1st pitch, and he calls it… It’s awesome. I pitch better when Im throwing to him.