Anyone here have one?

hell one I love the 360 and would never think to get a PS3

Nobody wants PS3s, they are expensive, no game selection and they flat out suck as far as gameplay.

The Wii is what I have, got it on launch day, just bought “The Bigs” for it and I’m lovin’ it. Look the Wii costs less, has great appeal to people, great game selection and good gameplay.

The 360 I do wish I had but, I had to get a Wii first as I am a Nintendo fan, the 360 is a great console though.

BTW: The Wii came out 1 year later than the 360 and is nearing it in sales, the PS3 is yet to hit 3.5 mil. worldwide.

The wii is way cheaper and has a mass-appeal
Ps3 is dropping the 60 gig to 499, so i may buy it.
Ps3 will be the better sysytem in the end, coming from an xbox fanboy.
the 360 is awesome though

The PS3 will not make a comeback as far as sales go, the technology and such in the PS3 I agree is better but, it doesn’t mean anything without goog gameplay and good game selection.

i’ve had a 360 since the start.
the games blew HARD for a long time

OK ya so 360 has a better game selection but i have a ps3 and while having an HD the graphics are god. I love playing MLB 2K7 and NCAA08 football. Whoever else has a ps3…my name is ‘mrtwinkies’ add me and give me an invite. Ill play you in anything i have and own you. But in the end PS3 has blue-ray(which beats out the crappy HD player 360 has) and its a better system but doesnt have as good of games.

GO CUBBIES!!! :smiley: :smiley:

360 and the ps3 are basically the same except the xbox’s games are better and the online is like 1000000000 times better but the ps3 isn’t bad lol

Remember, PS3s are sitting on shelves, SONY got cocky and thought, “hey even though we lose $200 a console we’ll make up for it with expensive games” well people don’t want to make games for them because they have such advanced technology development kits cost a fortune and the 3rd party developers lose money.

I was on Ebay Around Christmas Time and there was someone selling A PS3,XBOX 360,Wii,and Tickle me elmo. It was up to 300,000 and people were still bidding

I would have bought it just for the tickle me elmo.

Hell yea me too