Proud Dad

My son was called up to be part of his schools varsity pitching staff for the HS districts and now regionals. Very proud of him meeting his first goal of playing HS baseball. He is only in 8th grade so he has 4 plus years to grow.

Why does this require downloading?

Why ask why lol just showing he is in 8th grade

So you’re proud he’s in 8th grade. That a nice thing.

Now, back to business. Why require a proud dad to want us to download somewhere else? You can post a video here - it’s free and easy. That way, you get what you want and those that are interested get what they want.

Just be mindful, that in the past, some posters have been less than nice with sending folks to other sites. Malware, viruses and computer worms have been at the end of such downloads. So, don’t take this personal, just advising you of why I asked.

Post some of your son’s game time and let’s share in the pride.

He has. R u blind

I see well enough to understand the conditions of posting on this web site - knock off the sarcasm…

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Tell me to knock off the sarcasm? Boi you responded to my serious question with a smart remark. I think you need the knock off YOUR sarcasm.

AB22 you need to chill out and be a little more respectful. Coach_Baker is a moderator and has been a big part of this site. He asked a perfectly fair question about why he needed to download something. He was just trying to make sure there was no harm done on the site and was just making sure everything was safe. There was no need for you to respond to him like that.

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AB22, If I had the power I’d block you from this site. You may be a decent guy but you come across as arrogant & disrespectful. Coach B is a wealth of knowledge and probably a tremendous benefit to you and your son. Try reading the post & understand what he’s trying to get across to you rather than responding like a smartass.

@Coach_Baker @WiseGuy @Pitcher17 kid is 12 let him be lol
kids will always be disrespectful

Didn’t know that it’s a 12 year old kid. Regardless, he needs to learn how to respond respectfully

I here what you saying all I did was post a pic and I have been on the site for years and have done nothing but treat posters with respect. Mods need to know who the poster is. To be honest I i did not feel like I was asked in the kindest way. It’s all good let’s move on

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding but my post was directed at AB22. To be honest I didn’t watch your sons video because I don’t do any unfamiliar downloads. Easy was is to paste URL of YouTube, everything takes care of itself. Think the instructions cover other types of video but never tried myself. Congrats on your son making it to varsity, that is a reason to be proud. Hope to see some video of him soon.

Sorry if I started a conversation that was turned out negative. Lets get back to business ,I have enclosed two vides from two innings of work this past week. One with 7 fastballs and one with 7 curve balls. He as worked hard and is improving. Not the best video but it you see something you want to share please let me know.

Kind of difficult to see him because of the distance and the umpire but looks good from what I can see.