Proud Baseball Dad and LL Coach

Hello all!

My name is Aaron and I am a proud dad of a 10 yo lefty who is on his second year of pitching, of which I know very little. I am a Californian living in NYC (stationed here in the Coast Guard) and am coaching a 9-12 LL team (they were desperate.) I will be seeking advice on both my son and coaching (as well as parent relations issues.) My team is off to a 0-3 start as I only have one kid (mine) that has pitched and am working to develop others. The natives (parents) are getting restless. All advice is appreciated!



Maybe you can recruit some of the restless natives to assist you. It will be hard for them to complain when they’re in the loop. But if they don’t know much, you’ll have to be very specific in what you delegate to them and the instructions you give them…


Thank you for the welcome. I have recruited one, and asked another to step in when my assistant coach leaves this summer. He gave me a not too enthusiastic maybe. But he is not one of the problems. I spoke with the director last night at picture night (only half the team showed, telling me I have a morale issue) and he spoke to some of the parents. I think once we get a win out of the way, things will look up. I just have to find someone who can pitch, and here I am.


Good thing your agent worked that lucrative deal to get you the big bucks. :wink:

No kidding, it IS like working a second job sometimes!!!